We offer product and technical training to all 3CX Partners and Resellers. Some of the training is conducted in conjunction with 3CX resource personnel from abroad.  Training is fundamental in order to bridge the gap between the product and its efficient use. Most times it is not easy selling a technical product but it is much easier to sell if you have the expertise.  The whole essence is to make you a One Stop Shop for 3CX products. (Sell, Implement and Support). Technical training will be organized for Partners willing to write their certification exams. This is also available online through 3CX webinars.  Review training will also be organized time to time to review new product versions.

We design and offer specialized IT technical training for in-house IT resources personnel taking into consideration your current technology platform and in particular new technologies.

We also offer training on Mikrotik Router and then prepare the IT personnel for the certifications.

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